RWP Celebrated Second Philippine Romance Convention

Romance Writers of the Philippines celebrated its second Philippine Romance Convention in iAcademy, Nexus Campus.

The event was attended by both writers and readers of Romance.


Local books were featured in the Indie Bookfair area.

There were three panels and two book launches.

Panel Discussions:

  • Crime and Consent
  • Colorful Love, An LGBT Panel
  • Filipino Panel

Book Launch

  • Heist Club: A Time for Heists
  • Talecraft MSCA4, Of Love and Chances

List of Sponsors:


iAcademy – IGDA and Creative Soc

Central Books

Komikasi Games – Talecraft, Sachet Novels, Tandem Tales

1.    Central Books
2.    Lex Code Assist
3.    Wholistic Creative Living Philippines Inc.
4.    Gantala Press
5.    Kariton by 1372 Designs
6.    SGD Coffee
7.    Liberty Fashion Wear
8.    Flavored Flans
9.    Pop Smash Photobooth
10. Love Manila Girl
11. Ella Cristina Lopez Art
12. Little Free Library

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